Unfortunately, I do not come with news of my hiatus coming to an end!

I have a lot of stuff on my hands right now – turns out PhD’s are a handful? I am still going over and organizing the stuff I made last year in France – and I’m trying to figure out how to better organize my time such that I can do a little bit of everything. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been stuck in the writing part since my head is focusing on writing other, more academic stuff.

I’m not gonna make any promises but I’ll try my best to see how much comicking I can get done during March, and then maybe I will upload twice a week until the end of the chapter or I’ll just dump it all on you. We’ll see when we get there. Meanwhile, here’s a cool picture of this messy couple so you don’t say you were all starved out at my place.

Been thinking about renaming this chapter and maybe reviewing the website design for it later on. Thinking that “The Singer” would be a good title, although not very obviously WHY yet. But keep in mind that it is a possibility, so feel free to speculate on that.