↓ Transcript
6 panels.

Panel 1 and 2:
Nikita turns away as if to leave, hands behind his back. Mikhail cleans the banana off his face.

Mikhail: Who's coming then?
Nikita: We'll be stuck with one of the younger Grillo girls, one of the Corvo, some new Augur - Franquelim, I think? - and that girl who's into you, the tall one... Blumenthal?

Panel 3 and 4:
Mikhail throws the banana peel away and defensively waves his hands. Background full of "NO NO NO NO NO" behind him.
Nikita looking mildly annoyed, background behind him covered in question marks.

Mikhail: HOLD UP! Felda's NOT into me!
Nikita: No no, Mikhail, you're right. She just really really loves talking about damns.

Panel 5:
Mikhail shrugs: Hey, I thought she was really into dams.

Panel 6:
Far away shot, more foccused on the mountains than on the bows. We can see the dam's structurem as it looks white and shiny against the water.

Mikhail: Wait! New Augur? Shizamura's not coming?
Nikita: She said something about being overwhelmed with doctoral work or something. Dunno. Come on, I gotta brief the squad.