↓ Transcript
4 panels.

Panel 1:
Shizuka leans over her pile of binders to get closer to Nikita. We can see her office is a bit messy.

Shizuka: I'd invite ya to sit, but ya can see the mess going on here, right?
Nikita: Oh, Shizamura, come on!

Panel 2:
Shizamura looks small and super annoyed, as she interrupts Nikita with a shout.

Panel 3:
Nikita continues as if the previous panel didn't happen. He shrugs and looks at the ceiling.

Nikita: How do I know if this Franquelim guy has the... "Inventive capabilities" to replace you in this mission?

Panel 4:
Shizuka fiddles with her pile of papers while staring Nikita off.

Shiza: Well, "this Franquelim guy" has a lot of field experience. I'm sure he'll be of good use to ya. But me? In Lusitania? Over my dead body!