↓ Transcript
2 panels.

Panel 1:
On the other side of the wall, the massive boulder falls back into place with a loud THUD! Nikita addresses the soldiers with a determined look.

Nikita: We are now officially beyond the border of the empire; we should reach Cinfães' abandoned military camp by sunset.

Panel 2:
A big map of the Duero valley, showing the soldiers trajectory from Régula to their current location, Resende, and the path they have ahead of them until Cinfães (in the map marked as Cinfanes). Régula is shown to be a quite large territory, surrounded by a wall. After that wall, there is a buffer zone described as ZONAI CUSCINETTO, at whose border we find the Resende and Santome former outposts. In Lusitanian territory, far away to the north, we can see a big city described as Marco de Canavezes.