↓ Transcript
2 Panels.

Panel 1:
Takes half of the page and it's bright as daylight. Dária, with her index finger up, looking extremely triumphant and taking most of the page, while Pepper is in the background looking very small and very tired.

Dária: THAT'S IT! We could use some smoke and make it look like it's working! REALISM! PROFESSIONALISM! You are a GENIOUS Pepper, what a great idea!
Pepper: For all the sacred machines, please never call me 'Pepper' again.

Panel 2:
Dária's almost dancing on the spot with excitement, while Pepper is not convinced. A shadowy figure approaches, unbeknownst to them.

Dária: Don't be a party pooper! We can have Victória set up a trap for us!
Pepper (flatly): No.
Dária: Ooooooh what if??? What if I put some extra soul into this and disguise myself as a desluso, huh?