↓ Transcript
6 panels.

Panel 1:
Steffano and Nikita going back to the camp, walking side by side. Steffano looks amused.

Steffano: Ah, so then you practice on your free time?
Nikita: And I take every mission that will put me near space junk, yes.

Panel 2:
A loud scream interrupts the scene, and a mysterious face covered with a painted mask appears in the woods. The mask has big, long horns and the painting on it includes crosses, tears and teeth.

Panel 3:
Dária jumps from the car, wih the wheel in front of her face. The wheel is covered in leaves and junk. She's screaming a silly song of "ULOLOLOLOLOLOLO" and shouting towards Timóteo, who is, indeed, "scared shitless".


Panel 4:
Nikita and Steffano looking both surprised and annoyed.

Steffano: ???
Nikita: Spare me.

Panel 5:
Dária is pointing at a dead Timóteo and laughing as the PRANK QUEEN. A ghost leaves Timóteo's body. The dogs are crying. Nikita is running towards them with a hand raised up.

Nikita: What are you clowns doing? Be quiet!