Game for alcoholics only: take a shot everytime Mikhail says ‘apex’

↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
Mikhail interrupts the previous conversation. He's gesturing with one hand and holding a sandwish with the other, and talking with his mouth fool, food spit everywhere.

Mikhail: Alright guys, but consider this: Two groups: first checks on the satellite, second checks the thing.

Panel 2:
Aurik, helmet on, but gesturing lightly.

Aurik: We'd be spreading our forces too thin and hindering our ability to retaliate!
Mikhail (off panel) OH AURIK, COME ON!

Panel 3:
Mikhail is pointing at Aurik. Steffano is scratching the back of his neck again.

Mikhail: You're being overly cautious! The Lusitanians do not even live around here; what are the odds of facing them?

Panel 4:
Nikita, holding the map over a rock, interrupts his brother.

Nikita: If we saw the satellite crash, so may have them, Mikhail. We cannot assume they won't take action. Thoughts, Fausta?

Panel 5:
Fausta stands with a hand on her hip. The background shows an illuminating light coming from the heavens behind her as she explains the situation.

Fausta: According to Lusitanian religion, Angels and Saints live in the skies; this may very well be an event of some religious significance.