↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
Aurik carries on from the previous page.

Aurik: Riskier!

Panel 2:
The panel has a red tint to it. Mikhail points his finger at Aurik in a menacing way, holding the sandwish and almost shouting.

Mikhail: Aurik, are you out of your mind? We have better equipment, better weapons, we're a thousand times more talented than them! And you say we pussy out? I say we take the fucking risk!

Panel 3, 4:
Aurik raises his hands, defensively, while Mikhail shoves his finger right to his chest.

Aurik: Sargeant, I am in no way questioning-
Mikhail: Who asked for your opinion, anyway?
Nikita (off panel): I did.

Panel 5:
The soldiers, from a distance. Nikita's still holding the map. In the foreground, a closeup of Maili holding a watch. Time: 3:18 AM.

Nikita (cont): Is there a problem? Sargeant Kirchhoff?
Mikhail (softly): Uh, no, Captain.