↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Maili is holding the watch while looking away. In the background, the same soldiers as the previous page, as things seem to have calmed down among them.

Maili: It's still too early, Felda. Let's wait another thirty minutes before reconnecting the Augur.

Panel 2:
In the background, Dikaia is powring another cup of coffee to Frank, who is waving his mug around and complaining. Maili takes a glove off as she approaches the scene. In the foreground, Felda ties her hair in a bun while standing next to the Comcata.

Dikaia: You'd better watch out! This is your third cup already!
Frank: It's medicinal!!
Maili: He's right, bring him another one, Dikaia!

Panel 3:
Maili rests her hand on Frank's forehead with a "HMMM" sound. Frank is smoking a cigar.

Panel 4:
Maili gleefully joins both hands while Frank gloomily looks into his mug.

Maili: Get some rest before we call Régula to inform them of our situation!
Frank: The computers must have warned them of our change of plans by now...