Computational Arts, my guys

↓ Transcript
4 panels.

Panel 1:
The colorfull numerical imagery from the previous page carries over.

Frank (cont): It's easy enough to be completely overwhelmed by the amount of information alone, now imagine also having to translate it to our limited language.

Panel 2:
Timóteo is standing in the foreground, looking away as if on the lookout. Frank is still sitting on his chair and Dikaia is far away in her rock. Frank is snapping his fingers at Timóteo.

Timóteo: I have a cousin in the City who says they don't make a move there without consulting with an Augur first.
Dikaia: UH, NOT TRUE!!
Frank: Well, you're not wrong, but that's also not entirely true!

Panel 3:
Malik shows up from nowhere, disguised as a Lusitanian and with a Lusitanian mask covering his face, scaring the shit out of Frank and Maili.

Malik: Oh, I always consult with an Augur before making any major decision!
Maili: MALIK! Where did you come from!?

Panel 4:
Malik takes off the mask to reveal a smile. Dikaia doesn't seem to believe him and Frank is confused.

Dikaia: All your decisions?
Malik: Only the IMPORTANT ones.
Frank: Why? Why would you do that?