The NOCVIC night vision gogles make a new appearance and there’s a bridge? Good times.

↓ Transcript

5 Panels.

Panel 1:
Wide, with a view of the road and the bridge and the woody mountains. We can see Victória laying some traps and one of Timóteo's dogs a little far away. Closer, Mikhail and Nikita are looking at the bridge. Mikhail is looking through the Nocvics and holding a Microwave Gun.

Panel 2,3, 4:
Mikhail is looking through the Nocvics. Nikita looks away. They both have their helmets on but the face plates lifted up.

Nikita: Why are you pissed off? We're finally getting our hands into weird stuff.
Mikhail: I'm not pissed off.
Nikita: TSH!

Panel 5:
Mikhail grows angrier as if that "TSH" sound triggered in him a mighty rage.