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4 Panels

Panel 1:
Mikhail explodes! Red speech bubbles full of emphasis, a red tinted background to boost. He points both hands towards his chest.

Mikhail: APEX! YOU WIN! OF COURSE I AM ANGRY! I am ALWAYS angry! Aren't you ALWAYS angry!?

Panel 2,3:
Nikita points menacingly at his brother, while in the background we can see Victória and Aurik laying traps on the bridge. Nikita has put his face plate down, now completely covering his face.

Nikita: Angry or not, I can't have you lashing out at my men!
Mikhail: I know...

Panel 4:
The brothers cross the bridge. We see at least two bombs glued to it.

Nikita: If you have a problem, you bring it either to me or to Maili. She'll give you a pill if you need it.
Mikhail: Urg, thanks, I'll pass.
Nikita: You know I can't give you special treatment.