there he goes, the ace disgrace

↓ Transcript
5 Panels

Panel 1,2,3:
The brothers are climbing a hill next to the road. Mikhail moves a branch away from his face, and sweats. Nikita is confused, with a few question marks around his head.

Mikhail: Ahem...
Nikita: Mikhail, have you considered NOT being a jerk? What if you stopped getting that girl's hopes up just because you enjoy the attention?
Mikhail (big emphasis): THAT'S NOT IT!
Nikita: Don't give me that, Mikhail! You ALWAYS do this! We've discussed this! You can't not talk about things and then freak out when some girl invariable misreads the situation and tries to get in your pants!

Panel 4, 5:
Mikhail looks aghast, and covers his face with the faceplate.

Nikita (off panel, cont): Fuck! Is this why you're being so moody?
Mikhail: Forget it.