Manel who? Oh you know, Manel! My friend Manel!

My classmate Manel, he went to school with me! (n.b. now the Cast Page includes the characters on this page who finally have faces and names!!)

I think this may be the page I’ve spent the longest on. And now you ask: oh why is that?

I’ll tell you why! It’s because it features not one, not two, but FIVE TRUCKS. I HAD TO DRAW FIVE TRUCKS.
You see, I am a very smart lady and I wrote several scenes featuring trucks and I thought “aha that’ll look nice” and then came the time to MATERIALIZE THEM and I had to draw so many trucks… So many… I am stronger now, but at what cost…

Luckily for me, I had anticipated such a situation and got myself a visual aid:


↓ Transcript
5 panels.

Panel 1, shaped like the aim of a rifle.
Maurício runs towards the tractor, and another Lusitanian on the inside extends a hand towards him.

Panel 2:
Two microwave gun shots come from above with loud "CHAUM" noises while Maurício enters the tractor with a jump!

Panel 3:
The tractor's driver, a pale dark-haired man, looks at the Foreigner through the rear mirror.

Eurico: Holy Mary, does it scream.
Maurício (off panel): I know it screams, Eurico, I KNOW!

Panel 4,5:
Maurício tries to find place for himself inside the tractor with the two other Lusitanians. The one that is not driving has a bright yellow devil mask with a medical cross on the forehead and googly eyes, and they're holding a shotgun. Maurício's leg hits Eurico's shoulder as he tries to fit in.

Maurício: Let's get out of here: Manel was just telling me these guys don't even have an Augur on them.
Eurico: Who's this Manel?
Maurício: You know, Manel!! My classmante!!
Márcia: Buddy, we didn't bring any Manel tonight. Also, what? No Augur? I thought it was, like, protocol.
Maurício: Do you take me for a fool, Márcia? Wasn't I just now talking to my classmate Manel, Márcia?
Eurico: If you take a moment to think about that Manel you just spoke to, you'll probably realize you were tricked on your own.