↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Shizuka fingers the keyboard while smoking a cigar.

Shizuka: Alas... Your mission's been reclassified as secret retroactively, it seems... Half the files on your team are on limited access. Franquelim did the report though, so maybe he can help you out.

Panel 2:
An illustration showing several Augurs working together with a bunch of documents. There's a printer in the middle of the room powring out a continous supply of paper, which several of the Augurs are trying to interpret. One Augur is connected directly to one of the computers, and glitching out. Another carries a big Comcata.

Shizuka (off panel): but mind you, our Árgon's uncooperative since your mission! It just keeps outputting... some gibberish! And CONSTANTLY! The entire Augurii office's on translation duty, but...

Panel 3:
Shizuka holds her head with a hand, which is also holding a cigar. She looks tired at the computer's screen.

Nikita (off panel): How about Xénon?
Shizuka: Overloaded, overnervous and running a lot of diagnostics. Online, but just barely.

Panel 4,5,6:
A phone ring interrupts them with a "DING RING RINGA LINGA" sound. The computer is attached to the wall, but otherwise looks like a modern smartphone. Shizuka picks it up.

Shizuka: Hey! Guess your name does open doors after all!