↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:

Frank: Your Shizuka is right: these files are not for your eyes. I can go for a deeper dive, though. And I can go a lot deeper: 15 YEARS DEEPER, actually.

Panel 2,3:
Frank shares a cigar with Nikita, who reaches for it looking gloomy. He's wearing mismatched uniform pieces. Outside, through the window, we see the fog and some windmills. Frank lights up Nikita's cigar with his hand.

Frank (cont): But I don't have Terminal access right now. Doctor says I gotta wait until next month.
Nikita: She was fine when we found it... Until she wasn't. Fausta never had this sort of episode before.

Panel 4,5:
Frank takes off his red gloves while bitting his cigar.

Frank: Unfortunantely, I can't say I am unfamiliar with these 'episodes'. That looked like an Augur burning out to me.

Panel 6:
A bridge over the river Duero, as it is illuminated by the golden tones of sunset.