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4 Panels

Panel 1:
Nikita in the foreground, half of his face off panel. Franquelim is behind him, and seems concerned.

Nikita: Anyway! There will be blood, sooner or later. They'll need someone willing to get their hands dirty, and I could always use an arsonist.

Panel 2:
The two stand next to a bus that just arrived. Frank is pulling some luggage, Nikita is carrying a bag, with the formal uniform coat over his shoulders.

Frank: Huh, there are things I have no wish to repeat, Nikita. I'm an Augur, boy. I am very, very tired. Only Xénon knows how much I want to set those dark woods on fire. But how long do I have left? Eight? Maybe ten good years? One day, I'm gonna connect to one of the computer and I won't be coming back.

Panel 3,4:
Frank takes a step inside the bus and looks back at Nikita.

Frank: No, I do not wish to spend he last of my few days fighting. I have been in your place before, Captain. There are easier ways to die.