↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1,2:
Nikita looks as if he's about to cry as Olivia puts a hand on his bruised cheek.

Olivia: Oh no, look at you, boy! That hair's gotta go. Tonight.
Nikita: I got you something.

Panel 3:
Nikita fiddles with the contents of his bag, taking out another orange ribbon.

Panel 4:
Olivia looks at the ribbon carefully.

Olivia: This is a nice ribbon. Thank you, Nikita. It will sit nicely on my chain.
Nikita: Olivia, I- Thank you for coming.

Panel 5:
Olivia looks away with a somber expression.

Panel 6:
She gestures towards Nikita and the font of her speech bubbles changes.

Olivia: How is your Italian?
Nikita: Rusty.
Olivia: You practice on our way. Come, we're visiting a colleague.