↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Niki and Frank walk across a long corridor on the underground levels of the Augur offices. The walls' paint is falling off, but the paintings from students stating AUGUR are very clearly visible. Niki is carrying some papers and Frank is trotting behind her, with the big hat behind his back.

Niki: Did you know our Xénon fried two interns just this week? It's dangerous in there!
Frank: I just need to check some files. It's important.
Niki: You sure you aren't looking for a fix?
Frank: Who? Me?
Niki: This is the worst possible time!

Panel 2,3:
Niki reaches another door, with a sign saying TERMINALE COMPUTORE XÉNON.

Niki: Our Xénon is desperate for more processing power. I'll watch over you and cut you off if you can't do it yourself, ok?
Frank: Five minutes, I promise.

Panel 4:
The door slides open, revealing a room with a lot of Terminals. A poster on the wall for the MAI empire, and another one in one of the machines with XÉNON, TERMINALE SALAMANCA. 15-02. There are cables all over the floor. Blinking lights on the terminals. Shelves with papers and other computer materials, like Comcatas and Augur crowns.