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7 Panels

Panel 1:
Nikita is sitting on a bench, with his hair partially cut short. His face is not visible as he makes a fist.

Nikita: Don't CAPTAIN me, Fausta!

Panel 2:
Same scene, but further away so we see Fausta behind him holding the scizors. On the same bench as Nikita are his mismatched uniform pieces, folded neatly.

Nikita (cont): Twenty years you've known me and not even once you felt the need to ask me how I was doing. You were there. YOU SAW.

Panel 3:

Nikita holds his head with a hand and Fausta looks away.

Panel 4:

Nikita: You've been avoiding me.

Panel 5:
Detail of the scizors as Fausta goes back to trimming Nikita's hair.

Panel 6,7:
A shot of Nikita's neatly folded clothes, and then Fausta looks at her reflection in the mirror. For a split second, her reflection turns into the Foreigner.

Fausta: I don't even know how to talk to you. You bleed discomfort into everything. It's like...