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Comics of the Week – Jan 5th

We kick off our Comics of the Week with several selections featured from our Anthro collection. From abandoned races trying to survive in their new environment to wacky adventures in a realm of owls, these fluffy, furry, scaly characters have a story to tell you!

The Cyantian Chronicles – Darius Akaelae has to make a decision, run as a lone wolf or with his pack. Some lessons are best learned on your own and this is one that will be leave an imprint on a young cub’s soul.

↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1,2,3,4,5:
Steffano shows Nikita around the city. He points at different buildings, which look different from their modern conterparts (all religious buildings had their towers cut off). They walk past a building with red words painted on it and into a garden, which has a view from the inner city wall to the outer city wall. The walls have poles with imperial flags on them. Beyond the wall and the river, there are only fields with nothing but solar panels and windmills. Nikita leans over the wall to appreciate the view, while Steffano picks a flower from the garden.

Steffano: Nikita... Remember that night, in Cinfães? I almost did no-

Panel 6:
Steffano is startled by something, drops his precious flower.

Steffano: NIKITA??