Comics of the Week – Jan 19

Far off worlds, alien races, and new or resurrected technologies all lie in wait in these awesome science fiction selections!

O Sarilho An ancient satellite, thought to be in orbit for over 500 years, crashes into enemy territory. The Kirchhoff brothers are sent on a mission to recover its remains, but they end up finding something else entirely… And the locals have an eye on it too.


Millennium As Luzio and his first mate Sage travel the galaxy helping those in need, they seek answers about the mysterious, ever-looming presence of an evil scientist from Sage’s past. With the help of some friends along the way, they discover there’s a lot more to the story than they thought…

↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
Nikita looks at the top of the Cathedral, which looms darkly over him. He's very very small by comparison, and looks very impressed with the larger-than-life architecture.

Steffano (off panel): You staying at the cavalry corps?
Nikita: Yes.

Panel 2:
A massive view of the intricate design of the Cathedral's façade. It's heavily decorated with several ornaments and statues. Nikita stops in front of it and Steffano joins him.

Steffano: OH yeah. For all our talk about 'recovering and restauring the past' we do make sure everyone knows exactly what should and should ot be recovered.

Panel 3:
Nikita looks at Steffano, slightly annoyed.

Nikita: What is that supposed to mean?
Steffano: Isn't it obvious?

Panel 4:
A close up of a nativity scene on the façade. All the faces have been removed.

Steffano (off panel): The empire's not here to recover the past. They're here to rewrite it. You don't chop the heads off statues and the tops of cathedrals because you are so interested in preserving culture.

Panel 5:
Nikita stares at the façade with an almost disgusted look on his face.

Nikita: Serves them right. No piety for the butchers of mankind.