↓ Transcript
6 Panels

Panel 1:
Eurico leans against the metal edge of the plaza.

Eurico: I arrived late to the scene, where I detected six meditans, including their Captain. Retreating, but put up a fight.
Professor: That Captain, anyone we know?
Eurico: No, a slave.

Panel 2:
The professor adjusts his pipe.

Professor: So now they're making slaves into officials... Interesting.

Panel 3:
Eurico looks up. The sun flares.

Professor (off panel): What about survivors?
Eurico: Four escaped me. I can't vouch for my colleagues. I believe I have said everything there was to it in my report, Professor.

Panel 4:
The Professor looks at Eurico, pipe in his mouth. His rigth eye is made of glass, and white.

Professor: Would you recognize any of them?

Panel 5:
The two of them stare at each other as a cloud casts a shadow over them.

Panel 6:
Eurico, overshadowed.

Eurico: I never forget a soul.