I spent far much more hours in this page than its contents warrant, but look: it’s got a bunch of tiles and the door is very cute and I’m very happy because I don’t get to make stained glass doors and tiles everyday. Just let me have this.

↓ Transcript
INFO: May 12th, 2807. ACADEMIA'S MORGUE.

5 Panels.

Panel 1:
The entrance of the Academia's morgue. The front of the building has the words MEDICINA LEGAL on it.

Panel 2:
A dark corridor, with light coming in excluvely from two windows. There are two students at the end, and one of them is startled by the arrival of Eurico and the Professor.

Professor: Good morning, students! Did you stay here all night? I brought inspector Eurico with me.
Ângela (shaky): G-GODFATHER!
Estanislau: Eurico! Oh, thank goodness, you're here!
Professor: Any developments during the night?

Panel 3,4:
Ângela is standing, holding herself. She's wearing black and a green plastic apron. Estanislau is sitting. Eurico looks towards a door.

Estanislau: No. It's still immobile, Professor.
Ângela: But... It's thinking.

Panel 5:
Eurico is looking at the door. In the foreground, the Professor is still addressing the students.

Professor: Anything intelligible?