Here goes some interesting notes I made regarding students but please bear in mind I am very much not organized:

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Vertical thin panel, with a view of the Academia's Morgue building. The sunset hits strongly against the windows, which shine goldly. Two figures approach the building.

Panel 2:
A horizontal view of the inside of the building. It's a large hall, with a row of collumns on the foreground and a large tile mosaic in the background. The mosaic represents several different historical scenes and the Lusitanian coat of arms. Two professors walk behind the collumns, with large black capes. One of them has yellow hightlights and the other has them in red. They are followed by a Lusitanian warrior, with the devil mask on.

Professor Urtiga (in yellow): What happens inside my faculty building does indeed concern me, professor Moniz. And you, sir, do not have the jurisdiction to UNLEASH YOUR WILD DOGS inside my premises. And much less to have them operate behind closed doors!
Professor Moniz (in red, we totally have met him before): Doctor Urtiga, you do NOT wish to be seen as an impediment to national security.
Professor Urtiga: Oh, are you threatening me? Inside my house? Are you going to have me arrested in front of my students?

Panel 3:
Close up of professor Urtiga, who is tall and thin. He looks at Professor Moniz with something akin to disdain.

Professor Urtiga (cont): Or will you be sending your TROUPES to attack me under the veil of the night?

Panel 4:
The two are interrupted by the arrival of the Bishop, accompanied by an acolite and a student. The student addresses Professor Urtiga.

Student: Doctor, the Bishop you called for is here.