↓ Transcript
5 Panels

Panel 1:
Eurico looking very small in the empty road. Estanislau is running down the stairs on his right. Eurico looks desolated and tired.

Eurico: That was my last bullet.

Panel 2,3,4:
Estanislau approaches Eurico as Eurico raises a hand for his nose. He then looks at the hand with blood, as Estanis takes off his mask and looks in the direction the tractor escaped.

Estanislau: You ok?
Eurico: I will be... I need to call my wife.

Panel 5:
A shot of the university's clock tower as seen in the first page of the current chapter. Its dark silhouete constrasts against the full moon.

Eurico (off panel): I think I'm going to be late for dinner.