Oh so you were uhhhh literally a transforming spaceship a couple years ago? And now you’re a walking corpse?

Seems reasonable.

↓ Transcript
5 panels, similar to the previous page.
The background of the entire page is the same starry sky as the in the previous page.

Panel 1:
The mechanical form of the Foreigner, trying to stand up with difficulty, with the back turned to the camera.

Foreigner (off-panel, cont): In spite of the hindrance, we finished developing the code, which only YOU have the means to execute. But I fell from the Heavens, I split and I am now incomplete.

Panel 2:
A small Filipa, fully dressed for war, holding to a missing leg and on a small puddle of blood.

Filipa: Hold on! WHAT?

Panel 3:
The mechanical face of the Foreigner, with all six eyes, turns to the camera.

Filipa (off panel): You ARE the Atégina Mission?

Panel 4:
The Foreigner smiles.

Miguel: Yes.

Panel 5:
Filipa makes air-quotes as she looks at the Foreigner, confused.

Filipa: So: you fell from "Heaven".
Miguel: Yes.
Filipa: And you 'split'? As in 'divided'?
Miguel: Standardly: six-wise.