Eurico please your xenophobia is showing, even the Bishop’s taken aback

Did you know that the Michael the archangel came to Portugal once to drop his hot new album??

Everytime I think this is it no more apparitions of divine entities in Portugal I am WRONG. There’s always another one. In such a tiny country

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↓ Transcript
3 Panels.

Panel 1: A painted rendition of the Foreigner, with Angela's cape and shawl and bleeding through his chest. The Bishop argues, off-panel.

The Bishop: Even if this was artificially induced, there's no denying this creature is moving independently and has ressurected twice by now. And unlike our deslusos, it does project an active mental pattern. I believe we have sufficient mental and physical evidence that this creature is some sort of walking miracle.

Panel 2: Eurico retorts, slightly upset.

Eurico: And yet that is the body of a meditan soldier who started speaking in meditan spanish!
The Bishop (off-panel): INSPECTOR!

Panel 3: The Bishop immediately interrupts Eurico, and he almost looks angry.

The Bishop (cont): You shot the creature THROUGH THE HEART! And it still rose! We all saw it! This event, this MIRACLE, it happened in our Lusitânia! Why can't that be enough for you?