Honestly, I’m kinda wondering now if the Foreigners even have a concept of a face. You can never be too sure with them aliens, you know.

Tell me one thing you think Miguel doesn’t know and I’ll say if that’s plausible or not.

↓ Transcript
6 Panels

Panel 1,2:
The Foreigner looks at his reflection in the water, expressionless.

The Foreigner: This face is familiar.
Angela (off panel): You don't recognize your own face?
The Foreigner: This is not my face.

Panel 3:
In the distance, Angela takes her cape out of the water. In the foreground, we see a rope tied to the electrical tower, and some of Mikhail's old clothes hanging out.

Angela (cont): Well, it is now, isn't it?
Foreigner: ...
Angela: Why do you sound disappointed?
Foreigner: Water was meant to be more... comforting than this.

Panel 4:
Angela smiles, but she looks tired.

Angela: I guess we're all looking for comfort, right?

Panel 5,6:
Angela looks at the cape she's been trying to wash. It is still very much stained with blood, and ripped at the centre, where the bullet got through. Her hands linger on the bright red sewn patches, as she seems to grow concerned.