↓ Transcript
7 Panels

Panel 1:
The Foreigner points at Ângela's forehead, much to her surprise.

Foreigner: Did Eurico make your pattern painful?
Ângela: Oh??? Oh, no.

Panel 2:
Ângela softly waves his hand away.

Ângela (cont): It was... Already broken. I've always been...

Panel 3:
The Foreigner gets really close to her face to look her in the eyes, inexpressive. She startles and blushes.

Ângela (cont): Nevermind.

Panel 4:
The Foreigner rises from the fountain and towers over Ângela, still inexpressive but somewhat menacingly. Ângela goes into a tiny panic.

Foreigner: How. CAN I. Help. YOU??
Ângela: Y-y-y--y-y-you can help me by ge-g-getting dressed!!

Panel 5,6:
Ângela quickly covers her face with both hands, blushing, while the Foreigner looks into another direction. She looks away from the Foreigner, but her eyes go back to him right away.

Ângela (cont): Y-you can't walk around with your dingdong out!!