Well I think you look great too, Miguel

↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: Back at the location where Filipa and Angela are hiding the Foreigner. There's a view to the old house, with the tiles next to the fountain plastered with bullet holes. There's a large star painted in red on another wall.

Panel 2: The sun, shining bright between clouds.

Panel 3: A close up of the fountain tiles. Two people - a man and a woman - worship the Holy Mary. The bullet holes are visible accross the tiles and their faces have been scratched off. The fountain's faucet keeps on pouring water in a continuous stream.

Panel 4: Ângela adjusts Eurico's cape around the Foreigner's shoulders. A whistle sound comes from off-panel.

Panel 5: Ângela and the Foreigner look into the whistle's direction, seeing Filipa moving one of her cranes around.

Filipa: Well, well!! Isn't he looking fine?