And now you ask “shiza mura why is this village not in a slope why is this not in the mountains?” and I’ll answer “because I forgot I had a folder full of references for that”. Next question.

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Arrhythmia – One’s concerning. One’s returning. One’s discerning. One’s just earning.
Kings of Sorts
Kings of Sorts – A sci-fi fantasy tale about self improvement, love, and the truth behind the monarchy’s lies.
Yellowish – What can be worse than school? A school where murder has happened!
Tuppence for Stardust
Tuppence for Stardust – A fairytale urban fantasy that crashed into a boombox playing worn-out Black Sabbath tapes.
↓ Transcript
3 panels.

Panel 1: A wide shot of the mountains, some of which are on fire. It's overcast. The crow from the previous pages flies in their direction. The tractor is no longer in the picture. In the foreground, the silhouettes of two people hanging from crosses.

Panel 2: The crow flies over a village. Several buildings are being set on fire. There's a big church in the center, and a small plaza in front of it where a bunch of Lusitanians are being forcefully gathered by a number of Meditan soldiers.

Panel 3: A close up of the church's bell tower, although no bell can be seen: the top has been destroyed and set on fire. A very dark cloud of smoke comes from its top, and the crow flies by it.