↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
An annoyed Steffano stares at his reflection in a mirror while adjusting his sash. His sister Diana stands next to him, helping him dress up. She's smoking from a long cigarette. A crow sits on the top of the mirror, overlooking the scene.

Steffano: He's late.

Panel 2, 3:
A mocking Diana looks at her brother, embarrassing him only very slightly.

Diana: Cranky because your broken bird isn't here? Well, who knows! Maybe you just need to BONE to realize THIS is a bad idea.

Panel 4:
Steffano, pretending he didn't just hear what his sister said, stares at Diana while she jumps to his very fluffy and very blue bed laughing.

Steffano: Your point, Diana?

Panel 5:
Diana stares intensely at her brother, laying on her back, cigarette on her lips.

Diana: You know you're putting a target on your back, right?