↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1, 2:
Diana moves around Steffano, helping him put on the big white toga.

Diana: Hey! At least you'll make a fine corpse!
Steffano: Every day this war goes on he grows politically stronger. And unchallenged.
Diana: Yeah, but you don't need to make yourself his enemy just yet. Or, at least, not so obviously.

Panel 3:
Diana touches her brother's chin with a finger. They both smile, Steffano scratches his neck as he usually does.

Steffano: You think I'm obvious?
Diana: If anything, I think you're not being dramatic enough.

Panel 4:
The two Corvo siblings stare into their reflections on the mirror. Diana crosses her arms, Steffano hides his inside the toga.

Diana: I hope you have good allies.
Steffano: I do.
Diana: I mean allies with guns.