I’m not saying I’m gonna take a break in August, but by now I should be back to my homeland and probably all I want to do is sleep and go to the beach and you are not allowed to judge me for that.

↓ Transcript
4 Panels

Panel 1, 2:
Steffano, followed by Nikita, enters the room. His father, Alessandro, is looking down into a glass full of red wine.

Steffano: Thought you should know the main party's in the other room. There's even food there.
Alessandro: Oh, I didn't know your childish idealism required me as your captive audience... But I should have figured.

Panel 3:
A wide view of the room. The walls are painted with crow motifs, there are too big windows to the outside and a fireplace at the center. The room is dark and illuminated by the fire only. Someone plays a piano on the right. Two people are standing next to each other to the left, while Alessandro and another person sit in two big chairs near the fireplace.

Steffano: Aaah, so that's what this is about.
One uncle, to the left: Oh, like you didn't offend us first? Quaestor of the Efficientist party? You must be out of your mind!
The other uncle on the big chair: That, or he's mocking us.
Steffano: My political affairs have never been a secret, uncle.

Panel 4:
Nikita, standing by the door, raises an eyebrow.

Uncle (vox off): Nor your other affairs.