↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1: Nikita leans in, determined. Steffano covers his face with his hands, exasperated.

Nikita: It matters to me! If I get resources, I can -
Steffano: No, Nikita, No!!!

Panel 2:
Nikita, superimposed on a background of maps and weapons and stamps. He's got a meditan stamp covering half of his face, like the cute piece of government property he is.

Steffano (off panel): Don't you get it!? My father doesn't like YOU. He's never gonna give you an army. He will never see you for the person you are because YOU ARE NOT A PERSON TO HIM.

Panel 3: Steffano looks away, perhaps embarassed. Nikita says nothing.

Panel 4: Nikita starts, face darkened.

Nikita: You know...