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↓ Transcript
The panel takes the entire page. It depicts several photos and a notebook with text on it.

There are individual student photos of both Angela and Filipa, subtitled Sinistra and Melancólica, respectively.

A photo shows a field being plowed by several deslusos, both Lusitanians and Meditan. They are under the careful eye of a guard with a shotgun. Another photo shows a factory floor, with machines and cables all over. Three women have a chat in the corner while a desluso takes notes of a machine's operation. Other pictures show PDL inspectors, including Eurico, Estanis and the Professor.

The text in the notebook continues with Manel's discourse from the previous pages:

Manel: You know how their propaganda goes, captain: God bless the President. God bless us all. We live in Paradise. Blah blah blah. Every day, ad nauseum. They're slaves, all of them. A waste of Humanity! If you peek through the cracks you can see it: they know they are slaves, they learnt their place. They learnt to love it. The PDL is always listening. A motherfucker in every corner.