If there’s a webcomic out there that makes me die inside because it is the thing I wish I had come up with, in every single page, is Bicycle Boy.

Believe it or not, I started reading this comic because there was a bicycle involved. And a cyborg. And then it hooked me immediately. Because we go following this boy and his bike, with a broken achey body, who just woke up surrounded by corpses in a post-apocalyptic scenario. I mean, what’s there not to like?
The cast is full of deep and interconnected characters (Darla my beloved) with tons of history between themselves and you can feel this in every page. They all have a lot of personality, and a lot of them are pretty fun. So much is told by their physiques and slowly we get more information about the secrets they keep. And everyone has a past here.

Poet, the name our bicycle boy eventually adopts, has a past too. But he doesn’t remember it. He doesn’t remember anything, but his past follows him on his journey to meet himself. His physical predicament – his butchered, mechanically fixed body – is a big part of how he holds himself and the comic won’t let you forget how uncomfortable it is.

Anyways, I could tell you more about the general plot, but I think it’s better if you go there and experience. You’ll meet a lot of cool people on the way. Watch out for the violence, though!
(I wish I could write something better, but I am very tired right now)

The scenarios are amazingly detailed and cool. The color choices are always top-notch, the palettes suberb. I am chef’s kiss at this all the time, all the time. How is this possible. The action scenes? I can’t even. I have no words. Wow. This is amazing and you should read it.