Our pasts shape us, and I like to think Numb is a story about that.

Everyone has a different story and they all deal with it differently: some people avoid their own pasts, others accept their existences and their experiences and different interpretations of the same event can create big walls between people.

Numb feels quite original in comparison to a lot of webcomic I read in the sense that it is, in fact, a psychological horror story. Yes. Expect a lot of very weird stuff and the blurring of the lines between life, death and memory; expect not knowing whether your loved ones are, in fact your loved ones, or if they have been replaced or taken by some other entity. What if ghosts are real, what if there’s some fate worse than death? If you could walk the limbo between the living and the departed, would you invite others to make you company in your lonely existence or would you rather tell them to move on as fast as they can so they can avoid your fate? What if there’s something, out there, ready to devour everything?

Numb is dark, and tense, and goofy and lovable. It feed off the darkness in the human mind by offering us characters that differ so much from the tropes that make the majority of the webcomic medium. It’s originality and wit are quite refreshing. And I love being spooked.