O Sarilho may be on a break, but I’m not ? With which I mean I’ll be using this space to tell you about some webcomics I’ve been reading. Hopefully you’ll get not only a better idea of my tastes but also of what else is out there in terms of cool webcomic stuff!

I’m gonna start by telling you about Sombulus, a webcomic by the clever Delphina that has been online since 2010. While that is a massive archive binge for a new reader, I personally think the characters are charming enough from the get-go to keep you hooked up, as the story slowly becomes more complex and takes its time to reveal you the secrets.

Sombulus has a sense of wit and fantasy that people who’ve enjoyed Discworld are bound to be charmed by, and never loses its comedic timing. Sydney, Astyr and Rana are a very interesting trio, with lovely dynamics and rivalries going on and it’s quite lovely to see them both staying true to their tropes and breaking from them whenever the situation calls for it. As they hop from world to world (yes), we learn more about the Myriad worlds and the religious/political alignments and plots, as they all slowly come together with the promise of a bang.

If you think giant pigeons and flying toasters are your jam, I very strongly advice you to read this comic. Also, I cannot make any promises, but you will love Tenge. If this comic has given me some husbandos and waifus, I’m sure it can do it for you too.

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