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Souls Foreclosed is a story about two trans lesbian demons destroying the patriarchy (vampire Pope!)

Yes, it is about that, essentially, but also essentially about identity, religion, defying authority and looking good in heels.

Deviation from the norm is literal heresy, and in a world controlled by patriarchal immortal vampires who feed on the souls of the poor… Being labeled an heretic may be a problem. Maybe you’ll get the Inquisition going after you. Reah get gender-affirming rituals in a hidden covenant through means of an angelic relic and tries to live her life as the woman she was always meant to be… This is, until the Inquisition finds her and her sisters. Surviving on the fire of her heart alone, she’s saved by Lucifer themselves, and made into a warrior to fight for liberty and against the church. Tabitha, on the other hand, lives a double life: pretending to be a man using her magics for the government during the day, being the best drag queen alive (step on me) during the night. She gets recruited by Lucifer for her talents and wit and fully embraces her true self. Tabitha and Reah form a duo and eventually also fall into each other’s arms.

The artstyle is novel and impressive, with most pages done fully traditional and others with digital finishes. Souls Foreclosed does something I don’t see often enough, which is having the text and speech bubbles be part of the art and the page composition. Text can be anywhere, and that is pretty cool. Pages don’t follow usual standards and each of them feels like a whole illustration, text and all. Each character has their own speech bubble format, which not is not only neat and visually appealing, but also helps identifying who is talking at all times.

It’s a complex, and fast-paced story with a lot of colorful characters and hateful enemies and a lot of mysteries ahead. Raw and emotional.