Ten Earth Shattering Blows is a PUNCH of a comic!
It’s fast-paced, it’s detailed, it’s got so much action! It reads like Mad Max: Fury Road with giant lizards!

The artstyle is simple and clean and copes really well with extremely detailed backgrounds, which Nuclearpasta seems to be particularly fond of and do wonders for this comic. The story follows adorable bratty-noblewoman Landa, who has been cursed to have her face melt from time to time and uhhhhh spawn demons that shout prophecies at her, and Joy, a gladiator gal who talks with her fists, likes axes, and is looking for her missing kid.

And everything keeps on happening so much. There will be booba, there will be leggy, there will be lizard and some of the best characters may last 20 seconds and/or have no nose. It’s desert-punk all over the place and I’m living. I also very much appreciate that this story doesn’t explain its world to you, and the reader must sorta figure things out with the details. It’s very curious! I love nobles always wearing masks in public, I enjoy the tidbits of magic we’re shown and the feeling that may be something bigger beyond the plight of two very confused ladies.

How does he do it with that mask? Does it not get in the way? I have so many questions…