An alien gets shot in the face four times and for some reason that starts a war.

A Ancient satellite falls into enemy territory. The Kirchhoff brothers, Mikhail and Nikita, are dispatched along with a small team of soldiers to collect the remains of this relic, thought to be in space for over five hundred years. But did not consider that, just beyond the edge of the empire, their enemies would be interested on that technology as well…

As they arrive on the location, they quickly realise that the satellite is the least of their problems. Turns out an unknown, extraterrestrial artifact has crashed alongside it. And the thing thinks.

O Sarilho means knot, entanglement, or a twist. It also means trouble. It is a story of war, conflict, and facing the unknown.

You can learn more about the characters on the cast page. But if this is a story about war, then let’s go meet the parties!

O Sarilho has the following content warnings:

  • Epilepsy Warning for gifs & animated pages
  • Body horror, gore, mutilation, limb loss and wounds in general
  • Zombies/Undead/Decomposing people
  • War
  • Portugal

The Imperial Medita Augusta is a large empire named after the sea it engulfs, which was conquered through fire and iron during the last 327 years. Sponsoring themselves as the Mediterranean Empire – or Meditan, for short -, they play and look the part. As humanity’s numbers keep on dwindling, their mission statement is to recover Ancient lost technology and help humanity restore their former glory – towards excellence, towards light, towards the stars.

Semper fortis. Semper excelcius. Semper ad astra.

The gateway to the Atlantic is the little garden known as Lusitania, a small country that has resisted the Meditan advances through a mix of guerrilla tactics and recycling soldiers – they litterally raise the dead to fight for them once again. A land of mysterious people with sinister psychic abilities, Lusitania has reorganized its territory and its troops to cope for the loss of land, both to the Meditan forces and to the ever-rising sea levels. Cornered at the edge of Espagnia and faced an enemy that vastly superceedes them in numbers and in technology, it’s almost astonishing how they have evaded anexation…

Shizamura is an augur who lives by the ocean and is permanently connected to a computer, deciphering the word of god. She is currently working towards her PhD in computational arts, which is bound to kill her sooner or later. Perhaps even before this comic does. In case it was not obvious by now, she’s a Portuguese woman from Portugal who speaks Portuguese.

She’s gotta like comics or stories or something, I guess, because otherwise she wouldn’t spend such an inordinate amount of time researching and drawing and crafting the work known as O Sarilho. She also coded a lot of the stuff for this website, which is the main reason why it is so broken.

She is indeed not the same Shizamura that lives within the comic, but still very much an augur, so please don’t judge.

Please go find her online, she is nice and loves to chat: