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What I am reading? Well, a lot of stuff. But here are some webcomic recommendations, just for you!!! Click any of the links – or scroll down – for a description and a recommendation.

If you’re looking for something else, here’s a randomized list of other comics I also enjoyed at some point:


Sombulus is a friendly Fantasy-Adventure following the trials and tribulations of Syndney, Rana and Astyr, magically bound together as they jump through the Myriad worlds. Each of them is different and compounds into a bigger story arc that is currently unfolding! Very charming and sensible, witty and funny.

Read it | Fantasy | Adventure | All Ages


Wychwood is the name of an organization that harvests and attempts to control the “magic” left behind by an invading alien race… Except that threat may not exactly be over with and maybe those guys still have an eye on Earth. Meanwhile, Tiara is a fiery delinquent that got some magic stuck to her and likes to abuse her talent, making her a preferential target. As Tiara and her friend Julian are ‘cordially invited’ into Wychwood, they learn about the secrets of the organization, the impending war, and make a few friends.

Read it | Sci-fi | Adventure | Older teens and up

XII: Of Magic and Muses

So a bunch of girls in a boarding school become infected with a spreading magical uh… Medical issue… And none of them knows how to deal with it. But they also know it may be the only (un)questionably good, (un)questionably genuine thing happening to them in such a heavily-controlled place.

Read it | Fantasy | Adventure | Older teens and up

Ten Earth Shattering Blows

Ten Earth Shattering Blows is a PUNCH of a comic! It’s fast-paced, it’s detailed, it’s got so much action! It reads like Mad Max: Fury Road with giant lizards! (And everything keeps on happening so much.)

Read it | Fantasy | Adventure | Older teens and up


Ah yess, fairy-made horrors beyond my comprehension!
Broken is the kind of webcomic that was made in a laboratory specifically for me.
You’ve got: fairy general, WAR, zombies, eldritch abominations, corruption, the government, fascism, fashion, body horror and much, much more!!

Read it | Fantasy | Drama | Older teens and up

Heirs of the Veil

Heirs of the Veil is an urban fantasy, and while that’s not exactly my cup of tea, it managed to capture my heart by giving me interesting characters to root for, a lovely mystery, and a story about walking on the thin line between entrusted responsibilities and personal freedom. And also running away from your problems.

Read it | Fantasy | Drama | Teen

Closer to Home

The world ended while you were on a space mission. What now?

Read it | Sci-fi | Drama | Teen

Knights of the Wandering Castle

When Blanc the Brat decides to take his anger at one of said Knights on the street, he can no longer be a squire for Sir Kitakaze… But he can be for his younger sister, the very charming and absolutely not loud Sho, who also happens to be a Knight!

Read it | Fantasy | Adventure | Teen

Honestly not a Robot!

Honestly Not A Robot is a story about retail. In a premium supermarket. In the UK. HNAR is doing a great job at what it aims to do: show the minutia of daily life of regular people who happen to work in retail jobs, and all the mess that comes with a public-facing job. And all the trouble that comes with being managed, micro-managed, or under-managed. Figuring solutions to problems that are not your responsibility, or how to work with others, and how to navigate all the personal drama that comes with it.

Read it | Slice-of-Life | Drama | All ages


Alethia follows an amnesiac robot (later named Jun) who falls from the sky and travels from factory to factory solving “production” problems. She doesn’t know who she is, but as an outsider she can more easily spot the inconsistencies in the societies she visits, exposing their flaws and the illogicalness of their rules.

Read it | Sci-fi | Drama | Teens and up | Hiatus

Court of Roses

The heart-warming story of Merlow, a jolly bard who wants nothing but to love and be loved and find a troupe that helps him heal his wounds. Join him as he meets several other artists at a music festival and is unexpectedly tasked with helping solving a murder that takes place during said festival. YES! IT’S A BARD MURDER-MYSTERY!

Read it | Fantasy | Dramady | All Ages

Ghost Junk Sickness

Ghost Junk Sickness follows the story of unlucky and unprepared bounty hunter Trigger and his unnofficial side-kick Vahn. They get in trouble all the time, and it only gets worse. Manga-styled and very good at it. The Cowboy Beebop meets Full Metal Alchemist you wanted to see in the world.

Read it | Sci-fi | Action | Teens and up


Numb is dark, and tense, and goofy and lovable. It feeds off the darkness in the human mind. Its originality and wit are quite refreshing. And I love being spooked.
What if ghosts are real, what if there’s some fate worse than death? If you could walk the limbo between the living and the departed, would you invite others to make you company in your lonely existence or would you rather tell them to move on as fast as they can so they can avoid your fate? What if there’s something, out there, ready to devour everything?

Read it | Horror | Drama | Adults, I’d say

The Devil’s Favourites

When Lionel gets in a… Predicament… And Ilario needs to come to rescue and use his exorcism powers!! His time to shine!! EXCEPT OH NO IT’S NOT WORKING AND SOMETIMES THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE DEMON OUT IS BY LITERALLY BREAKING A CHAIR ON ITS BACK.

Read it | Horror | Drama | Adult


I know you like pirates and you like boats and you like ghosts and you like ghost boats. But now this dead princess and her dead friends have to find out how to help the god they were all warned against… Beautiful painting style and enticing world-building!

Read it | Fantasy | Ghost Boat | Teens and Up

Rising Sand

Rising Sand is a comic about family. And religion. And surviving. And a lot of other things, beautifully blended together with gorgeous art and solid storytelling. The art in Rising Sand is some of the best I’ve seen in a comic that’s shared online for free, and the level of detail – including storytelling ones – is a testament to how much the Ty and Jenn care about this story and telling it right. Trust me, there is SO MUCH going on.

Read it | Fantasy | Action | Drama | Adult

Heart of Keol

This is the slowest burn ever and I’m here for it. The way the character relationships grow and expand over time? How they have stepbacks here and there? How they show how hard it is to truly understand another person, even if you have faith in them? Chef’s kiss, all along.

Read it | Fantasy | Drama | Teen++ | Complete

Souls Foreclosed

This is the story of two trans lesbian demons destroying the patriarchy (vampire Pope!) Yes, it is about that, essentially, but also essentially about identity, religion, defying authority and looking good in heels. The art style is novel and impressive, with most pages done fully traditional and others with digital finishes. Souls Foreclosed does something I don’t see often enough, which is having the text and speech bubbles be part of the art and the page composition. Text can be anywhere, and that is pretty cool.

Read it | Fantasy | Drama | Adult | Extremely Gay

Bicycle Boy

Believe it or not, I started reading this comic because there was a bicycle involved. And a cyborg. The scenarios are amazingly detailed and cool. The color choices are always top-notch, the palettes suberb. I am chef’s kiss at this all the time, all the time. How is this possible. The action scenes? I can’t even. I have no words. Wow. This is amazing and you should read it. This is like… My favourite comic. Come on. Come on. Stop reading mine go read this one instead, thank you.

Read it | Sci-fi | Drama | Adult


You give me a war drama comic and I’m there for it. And R.O.A.R not only does that but also goes absolutely wild in themes and art and it makes my heart do the eye emoji. So maybe it could do the same for you. Aren’t you tired of other people telling your story?

Read it | War/Sci-fi | Drama | Adult

Kings of Sorts

Kings of Sorts is a sweet and sincere story about reclaiming and reinventing yourself. It’s also about fantasy tech and dragons and the corrupting nature of power. I love it for the brutal honesty and tongue-in-cheek art. It is perfect at what it does. And all the characters are my blorbos now.

Read it | Fantasy | Teens and Up