A pistola de microondas é uma arma que se acerta tás feito ao bife, mas se não te acerta ela aquece imenso e depois ainda se não acertares vezes suficientes ficas sem bateria num instante e isso nem tem jeito nenhum.

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Dária is holding her microwave gun, which is bright hot and smoking. She seems concerned.

Dária: Guns are getting too hot, Captain; we'll be running out of batt soon, too.

Panel 2,3:
Nikita says nothing, but he grabs a piece of grass.

Panel 4:
Wide shot of the mountain tops and of the river floating between them. We see the rocks, the forest and the starry sky above them. In the foreground, the silhouetes of one meditan soldier and a dog. We can only see the indicator of a full battery on the big rifle.