↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Two voices come from behind the corner of the corridor. They are speaking in Italian, which is noted by a different font. Pepper covers Dária mouth.

Voice 1, Giulia: WHAT?? And you put my daughter on that team?
Voice 2, Alessandro: Come on, Giulia, you are not this naïve.
Giulia: Does my sister know? About the computers being against it?
Alessandro: Screw those odds! It was a Special Operations mission, nobody will look into it too much.
Giulia: You sent my daughter on a doomed mission!

Panel 2:
Alessandro, an older dark-skinned man wearing purple, puts a hand on Giulia's shoulder. She's tall and blonde and looks exactly like Dária.

Alessandro: Hah! Doomed? But it was a success! This outcome favours both of our families.
Giulia (annoyed): Clearly, you have no problem with having a martyr for a son!

Panel 3,4:
Giulia wisks his hands away from her.

Giulia: If you're going to play with my daughter's life, at least have the DECENCY of keeping me in the loop! This was not your decision to make! And I am not spending another minute under your roof! We are leaving!

Panel 5:
Pepper grabs Dária away from Giulia's view and back into the room. He and Dária stare at each other.