Opá sim, adivinhastes, tá na hora do COMBOIINHO!

↓ Transcript

3 Panels

Panel 1:
A view of the Duero valley. There is fog covering most of it, but we can see some hills and some windmills on them, and some vineyards. A small train rides the line right next to the river.

Franquelim (off panel): Oh come on, dear Xénon, don't do this to me! Oh! If that's how you're gonna be, FINE THEN!

Panel 2:
Inside the train. Franquelim's hands, in red gloves. A miniature comcata is on the table, a few cables coming off it into a tiny keyboard. There are a few paper notes on the table too.

Franquelim (cont): Captain, I know you're not here for my very sought after company, and that you could really use these files, but...

Panel 3:
Franquelim leans back on his chair, cigar in his hand. He's dressing in civilian clothes, a white sweater with grey strikes and salmon-colored pants. A tiny brooch indicates his status as an Augur. He gestures, almost dramatically.

Franquelim (cont): Yeah, it won't do.