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5 Panels

Panel 1:
Alessandro shakes a fist, dramatically, as he reaches the height of his speech.

Alessandro: We mustn't forget our brave warriors! It was only because of their bravery that we now know what lies beyond the wall, in Lusitania... A PIECE OF GOD!!

Panel 2:
Fausta and Franquelim are both shocked at this revelation. In the row ahead of them, Nikita smiles and Steffano sweats.

Fausta & Frank: THAT IS NOT!!

Panel 3,4:
They look at each other, surprised that they had the same reaction.

Panel 5:
Alessandro: The Ancient used to say that those who don't know their History are doomed to repeat it. To let the Lusitanians control our destiny is to condemn the Earth to the fires again! We will recover our past, even if through the use of force! SEMPER FORTIS! SEMPER EXCELSIUS! SEMPER AD ASTRA!