É o meu aniversário!! Parabéns a mim, que estou mais velha e a fazer bandas desenhadas mais velhas!

Week of February 8-13

A Dash of Humor

These fantasy offerings take a more humorous approach to the genre. From a dust bunny swept out of his comfortable tree into zany adventures to poking gentle fun at the genre, our week’s offering will tickle your funny bone!


Huzzah – Gus and his niece Lily wanted to build a nice family inn and tavern on a well-traveled road. Instead, they ended up with a clientele of tough mercenaries, crude adventurers, and arrogant mages. They’ll be fine…


Fate – A story about friendship, adventure, magic demons and a grumpy dustbunny who wants nothing to do with any of it!

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Large, showing a brick-colored tractor behind the partially-opened garage door. The garage is dusty and cluttered. Outside is very sunny and bright and green. A river can be seen in the distance. Filipa is going towards the tractor, carrying a bag on her hand and a backpack.

Mother: I know, I know... The war is a big responsibility. And a dangerous one too. But your father's been so overworked at the factory lately and I can't handle this field all by myself.
Filipa: What about Sofia? Can't she help you two out?
Mother: Ow, come on, Filipa. We've been over this. Your sister is helping with the grape harvest.

Panel 2:
Filipa stops and looks at her mother intentely.

Filipa: It's May, mom. The harvest ended months go.

Panel 3,4:
Filipa looks concerned. Her mother doesn't move.

Mom: She'll be home soon.