A Filipa hoje escolheu a violência

↓ Transcript
5 panels

Panel 1:
Miguel ignores Filipa and diverts his attention once again to the electrical tower.

Panel 2:
Filipa, seemingly a little annoyed, gesticulates in his direction. He's still ignoring her.

Filipa: Did the PDL take your tongue? ... They must've done you some freaky shit, man.

Panel 3:
Filipa is ignored.

Panel 4:
She McFreaking loses it and approaches the Foreigner fast, reaching for his mask.

Filipa: You mind taking that off your face??? You're freaking me out!!
Miguel (thinking): SIGNAL: CONFUSION ATTACK!?

Panel 5:
Filipa lifts Miguel's mask, revealing Mikhail's almost surprised face. She freezes upon seeing him.